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What Trends are Dying and What Trends are Reviving

What Trends are Dying and What Trends are Reviving

Trends are always changing and how are we supposed to keep up? Well here's a quick catch up on today's fashion trends and what you should be adding to you're fall wardrobe.

Trends tend to change like the weather. One day something is "in" and the next something is "out". It is nearly impossible to keep up with all these changes. Never the less, every season we are trying to keep up because being "in style" is important to everyone in fashion. Some of us are blessed with being able to have the ability to buy new clothes every season but some of us are not. Even if you aren't lucky enough to be able to buy clothes every season that's okay because trends ALMOST ALWAYS make a comeback. Which has been very prevalent in this current season.

This season my favorite trends that are coming back is the animal print and plaid trend. Finally, I can whip out my cheetah print skirt and not feel like a total freak on the street. Celebrities and designers have noticed these trends and have incorporated them in their everyday designs. Some of my favorite designs are the snake print shoes. Shoes are a huge statement piece for all women and being able to show off your wild side with a fun animal print shoe is a subtle entrance into the animal print trend. Some of my favorite plaid trends are the plaid trousers. Plaid trousers seem to be very outdated but a lot of designers are making them into a skinny high waisted or straight leg cut with a bold zipper or fun pockets on them. These little additions to the plaid trouser make them more modern day and surprisingly very slimming.


Some trends, on the other hand, seem to be dying and I can't say that I'm upset about it. THE WHITE PANTS TREND. There's always been this shame in wearing white after labor day and that my friends is ancient history. This trend has personally never made sense to me. Why in the world do we limit ourselves to the color of pants we can wear when people were wearing pink pants in December in the early 2000s but I couldn't wear my white jeans? Ya, No. This restriction is long gone. White jeans are a great complement to almost any sweater. Sometimes a blue denim can blend into a blue top or casual down a sweater outfit so instead, grab those white jeans from the back of the closet and pair them with a blue or deep red sweater and you have a great fall/ winter outfit.

Like I said before trends are never easy to follow. Maybe by the time you read this, all these trends could be out of date. My best advice on staying on top of trends is to check out all your favorite designer's new looks and what your favorite celebrities are wearing around town or on the red carpet. They always know best and because we are all fashionistas we can recreate their trends into something us "normal" people can wear every day.


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