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How To Make An Outfit Go From Day To Night

How To Make An Outfit Go From Day To Night

Tips and tricks on how to switch up your daytime outfit into a nighttime show stopper!

Being a busy woman has its perks but it also has its challenges. Sometimes your days are so booked up that you leave your house for work at 6:00 am and don't get back until 10:00 pm after cocktails with the girls. Having to wear an outfit all day long can be challenging because day and night outfits are very different and not all outfits fit every occasion. That is where the struggle comes from, trying to transform your outfit from day to night. There are a few easy tricks you can do to spice up your work outfit for the evening.

An easy way to switch up your daytime outfit you've been running around in all day to an evening outfit is to change the shoes. Going from a flat to a heel instantly changes the look to something more fun and spicey. Which is exactly what you want in an evening look. Just pack an extra pair of shoes in your purse or in your car and you're prepared for the day ahead.


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Another suggestion to change up your outfit would be to accessorize. Changing your earring from studs to a chandelier style earring can make a huge difference. More flashy jewelry is always suggested for the evening time to fancy up an outfit and make a statement.

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Lastly, something many don't think about doing is adding some makeup. During the day most people don't go full out on their makeup. Most women do some face makeup and put on some mascara and call it a day, but when the night hits you might want to add some more to make a statement. The easy addition of some eyeshadow and eyeliner can make your daytime look go to a fun night on the town look. 

Just like that, your outfit you left the house to get coffee in is now a perfect fancy dinner outfit. Us busy woman need as much help as we can get when it comes to time management and these few little additions to an outfit can save you time by not having to totally change and allow you to be the fashionable trendy women you are! Never let being busy be an excuse for not showing off your fantastic sense of style!


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